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The importance of sports statistics for placing bets

One of the most important elements in sports betting is statistics.

It’s auxiliary information that although by itself does not determine anything in particular, it serves to approximate the possibilities of something happening based on the number of times it has happened previously.

Almost every sports betting fan makes use of statistics and, without a doubt, it’s an important aspect to look at that must be taken into account for every bet we make.

What are sports betting statistics?

Sports betting statistics are sports data that occurred in the usually recent past, to estimate the probabilities that they will happen in the future. For example, if we know that of the 20 games played by a team in 19 of them more than 1.5 goals have been scored, we can deduce that it is a team with a clear tendency to exceed that goal line and that the probability that it will happen in a future match is high.

Are statistics decisive for betting?

No. Statistics are supporting information but by themselves they do not determine anything since they are very “green” data to which it is necessary to add parameters. For example, a team that out of 8 games has an average of 1 goal per game, but it turns out that it scored 5 against a very weak opponent and 3 against another, leaving 0 in the other 6. It may be misleading information if it is not more considerations apply .

In the same way, a team that on average scores 2.7 goals per game, but for the match to be bet is missing its 2 starting forwards. Statistics should always be reviewed but knowing how to interpret it.

How to take advantage of statistics to make sports bets?

The best way is to estimate a base probability, to which circumstances apply. For example, if a home team scores in 80% of the games they play and their rival scores in 80% of the games they play away from home, I can assume that there is an 80% probability that the home team will score. But if your star striker is injured that day, it is obvious that the probability is reduced to, for example, 70%.

Statistics are used when they are considered as part of the information but not as the only information.

What's the difference between streaks and stats?

The streak is the most recent situation for a team , and shows the trend and the direction it is on.

The statistics can be to the consumer's taste, that is, the one that corresponds to the total of games played is as statistical as to a specific period, however in most pages related to bets, the statistics is general and refers to the total of games played in the season.

The streak is more reliable since the teams tend to have a behavior more similar to that of events the more recent they have been. For example, if a basketball team averages 112 points during the season but has a streak of 10 games in which it averages 95, it is easier for the data that interests me to be more similar to that of the recent streak since in a long time it has been been able to change players, coach, system, …

Do bookmakers use statistics?

Without a doubt yes. The bookmakers use all possible means and statistics are one of them and also very important, to determine a probability to each event and thus give the appropriate values ​​to the odds .

Not only do they use the statistics for themselves, but almost all of them allow their users to review data of all kinds to help them make a decision when it comes to betting.

Check betting statistics to calculate odds

The great advantage of operating in the world of sports betting through the Internet is having the largest source of information that human beings have ever known .

Unless the sport on which we intend to bet is extremely minority or it is a very inferior league, on the internet we will have a wide range of web pages that compile statistics, compare them between 2 teams and show their conclusions to the user.

The odds in a game cannot be calculated. It is impossible to define exactly how likely Real Madrid is to beat Valencia.

But they can be estimated, and for that it is essential to consult statistics such as the last confrontations between them, the streaks that one and the other go through, the behavior of one at home and the other as a visitor, goals for and goals against, etc…

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